Tree Canopy Fund 2017-2018

Here is an update on all Tree Canopy Fund programming for this year.

  • Education Grants: The deadline for proposals for education projects was September 18 so we are no longer accepting proposals.
  • Tree Planting: We will be offering grant program for tree planting in 2017-2018 with applications due in December for trees to be planted in the spring of 2018. Details to be finalized soon!
  • Trees Not Thriving: Reports for trees that were planted during the spring of 2017 that are not thriving should be submitted online. In order for your tree to be considered for warranty replacement, you must also call the ACE office after submitting online report: 703-228-6427.

Tree Planting Program Overview
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Concerned about the declining tree canopy in Arlington? We are, too! So, in 2009 the Tree Canopy Fund (TCF), was launched after Arlington County Board approval in 2007′ with the goals of arresting the decline and restoring and increasing the County’s tree cover over time. Administered by ACE and the Arlington County Urban Forestry Commission (UFC), the fund provides grants to individuals and community groups to plant’ and maintain trees on private property. ‘ Since its inception, 1,213 trees have been planted!

The Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) appreciates taking part in the Tree Canopy Fund program, which provides us with the ability to beautify our properties with new trees. Planting these trees is something that normally would not fall within our means to do.”

Nina Janopaul, CEO/President, Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing

2018 Application Instructions

  1. Review program guidelines to make sure your property is eligible and you understand how applications are evaluated. (Additional background information is also provided below.)
  2. Submit an online application form by midnight, December 15 (application coming soon)

Tree Planting – Background Information and Materials

Grant applications can be for:

  • Tree planting on private property, or
  • Maintenance to be performed on specific trees designated by Arlington County through their Champion Tree Program and Tree and Shrub Ordinance. Please email to request support.

Those eligible to apply for and receive TCF grants include:

  • Civic and homeowner associations
  • Community nonprofit organizations
  • Civic service clubs
  • School-related groups
  • Ad hoc neighborhood groups
  • Individuals

Important Notes

  • The TCF provides funds for planting trees with diameters of about two inches that, at maturity, will be large canopy trees.
  • ACE and UFC reserve the right to reduce the scope and/or cost of any proposal.
  • Grant applications will be accepted and approved once or twice a year, depending on the availability of funds.

2018 Tree Canopy Fund Materials 

  • Tree Canopy Fund Guidelines 2017-2018 (PDF coming soon)
  • Tree Canopy Fund Species Available 2017-2018 (PDF coming soon)
  • Arlington Canopy Coverage Map

Resources for Applicants