Work Green

In addition to working to make your home or apartment greener and more sustainable, many people have the opportunity to continue their sustainability efforts in their own work environment.’  This includes actions that individuals can take on their own as well as assisting in activities to increase the sustainability of the companies for which they work.

Sustainability means working smarter ‘“ being more efficient, less wasteful, and creating a healthier workplace. More and more, employers have green teams that can help the organization reduce its environmental impacts. With or without a green team, employees can take simple actions every day to grow toward a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future.

Many business owners and managers are seeing the value of reducing costs by going green, by encouraging recycling, telework and other green employees’ initiatives, investing in energy-efficient buildings, equipment, appliances and vehicles, and streamlining processes and “closing the loop” to minimize losses through waste reduction.

The trip to and from your work place can involve substantial expenditures of energy that contributes to negative impacts such as pollution, greenhouse gases, and utilization of scarce resources.’  Options include: walking or biking to work, using mass transit (bus or metro rail), forming carpools, and driving a high mileage vehicle, including hybrids, electric vehicles, mini-cars, and motor scooters. ‘ Learn more about Greening Your Business Travels.