Posted on July 22, 2013

adopt-a-streetDid you know that you, your school, place of work or worship, or other group can adopt a street in Arlington? It’s true, and it’s very easy to do! ACE has proudly adopted a section of Columbia Pike and has worked with Gunston Middle School to adopt a section of roadway as well.

So, just what does it mean to adopt a street?

An Arlington County initiative, the Adopt-a-Street program “is designed to support litter control and storm water management throughout Arlington, while providing residents with an opportunity to do something positive for the community by volunteering to keep our neighborhood clean.”

Adoptees are asked to:

  • Sweep the curb, gutter lines, and wheelchair accessibility ramps of the adopted street, on a quarterly basis
  • Remove litter along the adopted street, on a quarterly basis or as needed
  • Schedule a pick-up for sweeping debris to be collected by Department of Environmental Services staff
  • Update the tasks you completed of your street adopting duties, each quarter
  • Report any hazardous conditions along the adopted street.

If’  you’d like to adopt a street, simply visit’ Arlington County’s Adopt-a-Street website, view a map of available streets to adopt, select

Arlington Transit has launched Adopt-a-Stop to join Solid Waste’s Adopt-a-Street program in an effort to help keep Arlington County a beautiful and clean place to live, work, and visit! Adopt-a-Stop relies on community partners to help maintain bus stops throughout the County. Find out more about how to Adopt-a-Stop or Adopt-a-Street.