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Arlington Energy Masters Program

Now in it’s fourth year, the highly successful and award-winning Arlington Energy Masters program promotes a more energy efficient and sustainable community by engaging professionally trained volunteers in energy efficiency, weatherization, and water conservation techniques, and in delivering community education and outreach programs.

The volunteers then apply their new knowledge by:

  • Doing hands-on improvements to increase energy and water efficiency in affordable housing apartments units
  • Providing energy and water conservation education to residents and their families while working in their homes to encourage behavior change for sustained impact
  • Delivering educational programs to community groups and students at local schools
  • Conducting individual tenant education sessions with residents of affordable housing units who are struggling to manage utility costs
  • Participating on a committee that addresses an existing program need to support the development and enhancement of the program.

Applications Available Summer 2015

We’ll be training a new corps of volunteers to become experts in energy efficiency and weatherization in affordable apartment buildings this fall. Please complete this interest form to be notified when details and the application become available.

Not quite ready to become an Energy Master or an Energy-Master-in-Training?

There are still many ways that you can contribute to the program:
  1. Enjoy logistical challenges?
    Help out as a drop-in volunteer and help coordinate activities on our workdays
  2. Like working with kids?
    Deliver energy education programs in schools (No experience required. Training available.)
  3. Have expertise in the fields of energy efficiency, weatherization, or water conservation?
    Serve as a program advisor or offer a training program
  4. Have money, but not time?
    Become a sponsor, donate supplies, or donate funds to help us defer the costs of the program that are not covered by grant funds.

Please contact us to learn more about how you can get involved.

An Award-Winning Program

Arlington Energy Masters Green Giant Award

The Arlington Energy Masters program was recognized  with The Washingtonian Green Giant Award, which honors people and groups who help our environment by preserving historic green spaces, increasing our access to eco-friendly food and drink, and educating us about the natural world.

The program is an excellent model for energy efficiency, community engagement, and volunteer activism. Since the program’s inception in 2011, volunteers have helped more than 400 families living in affordable housing buildings in Arlington decrease their energy and water usage and related costs.

In each apartment unit, volunteer teams work through a 25-point checklist of improvements, sealing air leaks around windows, doors and ducts; putting in energy efficiency devices like compact fluorescent light bulbs; and installing water-saving devices like low-flow shower heads. With estimated savings of more than $250 per year on electricity and water bills for a typical household, residents are gaining concrete savings on their monthly bills, increased comfort, and the satisfaction of doing their part to combat climate change.

During the 2013-2014 program year, in addition to the improvements made in homes, volunteers provided 147 families living in The Berkeley and Colonial Village West apartments managed by AHC, Inc. with information about how to save money on their utility bills and to keep their apartments comfortable. In total, the volunteers installed:

  • 822 compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • 1,347 outlet gaskets
  • 160 faucet aerators and 18 low-flow showerheads
  • 104 toilet tummies (flow restrictors)
  • 76 power strips

The program was created by ACE working in partnership with the Virginia Cooperative ExtenEnergy Master Volunteer at Worksion, Arlington Thrive (formerly Arlingtonians Meeting Emergency Needs), and the Arlington County Department of Environmental Services. Affordable housing partners include the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) and AHC, Inc.

The Arlington Energy Masters program is transforming our community one apartment at a time. Our passionate volunteers give their time, sweat, and expertise. Their work immediately reduces the utility bills and greenhouse gas emissions from these homes. And, they help raise the tenants’ energy literacy which empowers even more sustainable action.” says Colleen Morgan, ACE board of directors.

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